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Moonlion DEX platform for launching projects on BSC network Launch real projects on the Moonlion platform to increase capital and increase the initial liquidity of your token. 1.Launchpool App Gain early access to public and special token sales at a lower price before they hit the market. 2.NFT Marketplace Create, sell your NFTs on the Moonlion marketplace, on the blockchain in the BSC network 3.Network of DEX Moonlion is building a network of DEXes across multiple Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains. This will allow Moonlion to plug into multiple liquidity sources across chains, including the cross-chain liquidity ecosystem being developed by Moonlion Protocol 4.Create token Create your own tokens on BSC network with one click. No coding required! 5.Moonlion SWAP Swap or Trade quickly and cheaply. Earn yield through fees and yield farms. 6.Moonlion staking An innovative ecosystem to use dapps gas-efficiently and gain extra yield.

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