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Venturing out to create a meme economy with a celebrity endorsement, Team Penny introduces the latest and greatest meme coin headed for the moon, Penny Inu. Penny is the beloved dog of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, an adorable Maltipoo dog. Ryan Reynolds has been a dog lover for many years and we support his love for them! We will be investing heavily in social media marketing to attract the attention of Ryan as we all know how much a celebrity can electrify the value of a coin to the moon! We also are super pro charity and will be investing in dog shelters in Canada – Where Ryan has previously adopted a dog! 1% will be donated to shelters across Canada – The home of Ryan where he recently received a Massive Canadian Honor! Capitalizing on the current hype around dog coins and celebrity endorsements, PennyDog will be the next diamond meme coin investors looking for a moonshot. Backed by some of the largest influencers in the cryptosphere, get ready PENNYDOG ARMY! Helping animals with Penny Inu!

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