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"Stellar Inu’s purpose is to bring innovative NFTs and an immersive P2E game to the Ethereum blockchain. Stellar Inu was a fair launch, there were no team/development - instead there is a 10%transaction on buys and sells that will be used to further the project. The token will reward its holders by having special giveaways, while using some of the marketing and development funds to buy and burn the supply. Stellar Inu will have exclusive NFTs which will be used in an immersive P2E game. The team is very passionate about designing a game that will emerge players in a surreal environment. The game will consist of exclusive NFTS that will generate passive income for those who chose to buy them. We will be conceptualizing and developing the game as time goes on and will not be stopping after phase 1 rolls out. Each season there will be exclusive NFTs that will be released. Some will be airdropped to a few random holders, but all holders will be whitelisted for the mints. These will be exclusive NFTs that you can use inside the Stellar P2E game as well as earning passive income off of them via staking, lending that will open up."

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