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UNIVERSAL TOKEN: Universal Token (UNIV) is proudly brought to you by members of the Cannabis community. For many years, and still in part today, the Cannabis community has been a decentralized space. While this feature sets our community apart, it creates challenges that deter the growth of sustainability within the industry. Our lifelong dream is to build infrastructures that help address these challenges, and we believe that blockchain and decentralized financing could aid us in achieving this. Our Philosophy & Vision. Cryptocurrency has become a way for disenfranchised or marginalized groups (from individuals to whole nations) to gain legitimacy without government action or institutionalized pathways. Our goal is to build this project on the foundation of community involvement. We take on this initiative knowing that Universal Token will advance the success of Cannabis industry stakeholders and support the industry’s sustainable growth. The industry is our motivation; we are not simply concerned with financial gain but also our stakeholders’ economic progress and success. We are about power to the people. We believe in the effectiveness of the grassroots approach and model our project after this. We strive to support the sustainable growth of Cannabis businesses and the success of business owners. Development Universal token is a response to outdated and inefficient payment methods. Univ is currently developing a point of sale (POS) system for dispensaries and other cash-friendly businesses. This convenient and streamlined system will provide the ability to buy and sell goods while also offering a reward system (redistributed transaction fees) for consumers and merchants. Cash-only or cash-friendly businesses will now have the option to manage their revenue streams using an alternative to cash or conventional banking. By the end of the Flowering phase, we aim to fork to our blockchain. This blockchain will give developers the ability to build smart contracts and deploy them on our chain. This will allow developers to create tokens or have business solutions that can suit their specific needs. Our blockchain will implement a Proof of Stake algorithm that will enable holders to stake their tokens to gain a percentage APY for holding. The Proof of Stake blockchain solution offers an eco- friendly, lightweight solution for blockchain. To familiarize Cannabis community stakeholders with Universal Token, we plan to host a series of events. This will include more informative events such as discussion panels and Q&A sessions, social and charity events like donation banquets, giveaways, and parties. Point of Sale System Our Plan is to integrate Our POS System into all Cannabis Dispensaries & Smoke shops. This will allow Businesses to Receive UNIV using our wallet! This will be convenient because it will be much faster Transactions as well as them being much Cheaper. Our wallet will allow consumers to purchase products to business and they can stake are tokens as well and earn passive income … another benefit of are use case ! OUR PROJECT AND ECOSYSTEM. UNIV TOKEN BEP-20 Binance version is for the UNIV community. It has a limited supply because only the UNIVSQUAD will be the ones to own the tokens. It will be the token people will make the fast and easy gains and can see the price of this token hit high numbers ! This version of the token is called “ The peoples coin” because it will make the people rich. The Binance version will have its own swap “Universal swap“ which will allow UNIVSQUAD members to exclusively trade BNB for UNIV . This swap will have only 37,000 UNIV. The Swap will have a staking feature where all holders can stake there UNIV and will earn more UNIV tokens or BNB! UNIV TOKEN ERC-20 The Ethereum version will be used as the form of payment. Once Ethereum 2.0 comes and no more gas fees this version will be used a lot more . This version of the token is called ”The Native Token”. This version will have its own personal wallet eventually on the google store and apple App Store ! It will be used to swap ETH for UNIV , Receive and send tokens to merchants or consumers! KYOSHI TOKEN Kyoshi g (KYOSHI TOKEN) is the 2nd installment to the universal token ecosystem. It’s created purpose is to serve as a reward system for univ holders . Who ever holds univ will receive yearly 0.5 kyoshis! While the supply of kyoshi is only 10,000 each token will have a much higher value then others . We can expect long term for kyoshi to reach high numbers as we expand our usecase to cannabis dispensary’s and other cash friendly businesses! Kyoshi will have its own nft marketplace and will create a safe and reliable network . Kyoshi man purpose is to reward all of the loyal univ holders for committing to holding long term ! As univ grows , kyoshi will follow his big brothers footsteps to success.

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