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The purpose of DiamondDoge meme token is holding it. There is no other purpose or function. Hold it to the moon and back! Do not give it away. DiamondDoge is easy to buy, easy to hold and easy to love, because it is a tribute to memes and DogeCoin. When you understand DiamondDoge and its inner value, you want to hold it forever in your wallet. When others sell, your coin bag grows automatically and your wallet gets fuller. Mission Moon: The only and best mission of DiamondDoge is to pump it to the moon. The unique protocol and hopefully strong community can support to reach this fantastic goal. Diamond Hands Required: If you want to skyrocket to the moon you have to have strong diamond hands. Become an astronaut and hodl it strong. Never give the token away. Don't be Cheems.

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Rick Wallace 64 days ago 5:04:34 AM
DiamondDogeCoin is a great project. You can also find new tokens here https://crypfinder.space