Legends of Aragon


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❤️Private sale is live now. ❤️ Get 10% LOAG tokens for free https://nftloa.com/#loagsale🔥 ✅Presale is on January 21 th at 4 pm UTC 💥Legends of Aragon is the first NFT Play to Earn web 3.0 mystery and fantasy game developed by dedicated Beurop team that working on different digital products for start-up and business promotion, educational and staking platforms and other products aimed to help users to get crypto knowledge or/and earn money. ✅Gameplay 👉Grow you beats: 3 different types - bronze, silver and gold. 👉Merge your dragons to improve their skills. 👉Send them to hunt - you will get money from staking. 👉Win weekly and monthly tournaments and earn LOAG token or/and BUSD. 🔥When you gain enough you can sell your Bests on NFT Marketplace. 🔥The game has an affiliate program. Invite people and earn money. Your LOAG token rewards come directly to your wallet and you can sell them on PCS ✅Play to Earn Model New players need to buy a Beast on Marketplace to start playing game. 🔥Presale is on January 21 th at 4 pm UTC🔥 Game Launch on January 22 at 4 pm UTC💥

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