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Symbol: FLY TokenName: NFT Cryptoflyz Website: Twitter: Telegram: OpenSea: Made By: Mason London(the pictures) ( Klee(the code) ( CryptoFlyz are small, randomly generated companions for your CrypToad. For every one toad in your wallet, you can claim one Fly. 1 Toad = 1 Fly. 2 Toadz = 2 Flyz and so on. The Flyz are free to claim (you just pay gas) and come with a range of traits: some based on classic Toad traits, some brand new, some common, and some less common. The mint period will last for two weeks until October 29th, and after that, we will decide how to best distribute any left over Flyz to the community. Finally, enormous thanks and eternal respect to Gremplin and the CrypToadz team. !vibe ______________________________________________________________ FAQ: - Who can mint the CryptoFlyz? Anyone who has a CrypToad in their wallet. - How much will the CryptoFlyz cost? The CryptoFlyz will be free to mint + gas. - How many CryptoFlyz can I mint? The number of CryptoFlyz people can mint is capped at the number of CrypToadz in their wallet. So 1 Toad = 1 Fly, 2 Toadz = 2 Flyz etc. - How long will the mint last? The mint period is running from October 15th to October 29th. There is no rush to mint. Anyone with a CrypToad will get a CryptoFly as long as they claim during the two week mint period. There is no need to pay high gas; just wait until it is low to claim your CryptoFly. - What will happen if there are still uncollected CryptoFlyz left after the two week mint period? We will decide then on how to distribute the rest of the flyz. Make sure to follow us on twitter for the latest updates. - Will I get a CryptoFly that corresponds to my CrypToad, or will I get a random one? You will get a new, random one. - Do my CryptoFlyz come with any utility? Is there a discord? wen flymap? Think of the CryptoFlyz as a piece of artwork, not an investment. We made them over a two week period of very late nights as a tribute to CrypToadz and other NFT artists we love. They come with no utility, no DAO, no roadmap, and there is no discord. Just a nice jpg (or gif if you are lucky) of a fly. - What are CrypToadz and how come you copied their artwork? CrypToadz are an NFT project that was designed by Gremplin and released under a CC0 license. This means that anyone can take and reuse the artwork for any purpose they like, so that is what we did. ____________________________________________________________

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