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PooGirl is a big fan tokens she finds on PooCoin charts! Follow her adventure at www.poogirl.net Soon after launching, PooGirl will eventually become a place to find the newest, freshest moonshots on PooCoin. It will also be a place for developers to promote their tokens FOREVER. With systems built in place to detect the hottest and most viewed tokens, this will surely be a success! We all love moonshots and we are all looking for one place to find them all. PooGirl is the solution we all need! (Token advertising will move from bottom to middle of page after 48 hours) Earn tons of 💩 for holding 💩 Last project went 500x! 🔥🔥 💰 Toal Supply: 69,000,000,000 ⚖️ Slippage/Taxes: 12% 🎁 Rewards: PooCoin 🔒 Liquidity: LOCKED Roadmap: Telegram presence Chinese marketing Twitter influencers round 1 Coin listings (coinhunt/etc) Create foreign TG groups Twitter influencers round 2 4chan advertising Bot shilling Twitter influencers round 3 PooCoin advertising CMC/CG CEX Expanded advertising (real-life) Toilet Paper: In progress (high demand) 😆 📝 Contract: 0x0863488270c4900372e043849710e6d9fc83e4a1 〽️ Chart: https://www.dextools.io/app/bsc/pair-explorer/0x8d21fc7a6badedcd01a2e12d4aba6fa8797be266

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