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🔥 Welcome to Predator! 🔥 Predator is a Community Driven Cryptotoken, that will be launched on the BSC Network. We entered our Private Presale Phase with our Whitelist Competition, where you can win one of 100 Private Presale Spots. After the Private Presale a Presale will be launched with 300+ Spots. Here are some Keywords to our project: 👉 Launch Date : 13.12.2021 👉 Presale 12.12.2021 👉 Private Presale before 👉 Liquidity added and Locked 👉 Trading Enabled at Launch Time 👉 Anti-Dump Tokenomic 👉 Anti-Rug Tokenomic 👉 Anti-Snipe Tokenomic 👉 Developers have no control of the Reflection Wallet 👉 Audit & Whitepaper before Presale The early usecase of this token is to award its HODLer's (Predators) for their loyalty. Each transaction will have fees (snipe transactions will have increased penalty fee), that fills the Prey Pot (Reflection Wallet). Once the Prey limit is reached (min. 5000$) the whole Prey will be shared across the Predators. The Reflection Token will be chosen by the community and can change between Prey distributions. There will be announced buyback events of the Developers, where the Developers buy high amount of $PED to fill the Prey Pot faster and to create more trading volume. The Developers plan to fill up the LP pool from time to time to stabilize it even more. Join Telegram for more informations. How $PED works and how the tokenomics are put together is explained in our Whitepaper in detail: Disclaimer: The information provided on this Post is only for educational purposes and does not constitute investment or financial advice. Due to the high risk, do not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose.

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