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Salsa Token is a meme-token. It is the main cryptocurrency of "Salsa Valley" - a cryptoplatform which unite together crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors, lovers of hot salsa sauce, meme fans, 2D animators, gamers and those who just love to joke and laugh. Salsa token is not just a meme-token, but a full-fledged coin for our community. It is an internal coin that will be used in the Salsa Valley ecosystem: - animated meme-series (cartoon about cryptoworld). 2 episodes have been already released; - meme-cryptonews portal - board game - computer NFT game - NFT collection - Partnerships with charities and Mexican food restaurants - Partnerships with sauce makers to produce under our international trademark

Follow us on twitter @coinhunterscc and stand a chance to win free coin promotion by clicking “tweet and shill”.
Each tweet represents a lottery entry to win. Few winners each week. 🎉

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Rick Wallace 118 days ago 4:46:10 AM
SALSATOKEN is a great project. You can also find new tokens here