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Ok so it took me a great deal of luck and timing to find this beauty. In a subreddit filled with dubious tokens and memecoins with one page websites, Sponsee really shines through with their actual use of their SPON token for in-app transactions and smart contract validations. And the Sponsee App is finally completed! App is launching in a week!🚀 Now what is Sponsee? Sponsee is the influencer monetisation platform that’s about to revolutionise social media marketing. It’s the world’s first fee-free marketplace for businesses and influencers. Influencers and businesses can find and work with each other on the platform, without paying fees or hiring third parties. This my friends, is the future of decentralization unfolding before your eyes. The core features of the Sponsee App include: Free for all marketplace Review and ratings system Full chat interface Digital Contract System Dispute Resolution System But that’s not where it ends. The SPON token secures and validates the SPON ecosystem. The SPON ecosystem is a next-generation decentralised ecosystem of platforms that facilitates digital contracts and agreements between parties of interest. Sponsee’s vision is to create a seamless network of digital contract platforms owned and operated by individuals with seamless cross platform integration and communication. I have heard that they even developed their own consensus mechanism 😱. Here’s a summary of information about Sponsee I gathered: Sponsee connects influencers with businesses. They focus on micro/nano influencers and SMEs (small medium sized enterprises) They are a registered company under Singapore law (UEN: 202038064N) 30+ people doxxed team ---> Check out their website. It has links to their linkedin profiles Co-founders have made video appearances. Over 100 influencers onboarded pre app launch They have an active community on TG and a private discord for investors to leak updates and IP sensitive information Community is made of super fans who are extremely enthusiastic about the company. Sometimes the community can get defensive but all in good fun. They are about to direct list in 2 months time apparently

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Rick Wallace 121 days ago 1:53:53 PM
Sponsee is a great project. You can also find new tokens here https://crypfinder.space