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Wanda.Exchange POS System Customers pay in crypto, merchants receive fiat. User-friendly like a credit card terminal, except way faster and with 0% fees on WE for merchants and only the gas fee for customers (less than 5 cents at the time of writing). Real Estate We built a futuristic payments infrastructure with already 100,000+ condos and villas available for sale in crypto with 0% fees on WE. Wanda.Exchange ATM We have 4 years+ experience in the Bitcoin ATM Business. Using Wanda.Exchange ATMs to cash out crypto is the easiest and quickest way to convert crypto into cash. Use WE to withdraw cash from any Wanda.Exchange ATM for 0% withdrawal fees. Online Exchange Services We aim to offer our online exchange services globally! Allowing you to send WE and any other crypto through our website platform. Hold WE and withdraw it in fiat anywhere in the world!

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